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Business incubation consultations for incubator management, policy makers and researchers on business incubation provided by Dr.sc.admin. Iveta Cirule, busines incubation expert. Iveta has conducted Doctoral Thesis in 2017-2018 and main findings are really helpful to grow the supportive business incubator environment.
Consultant- Dr.sc.admin. Iveta Cirule, Head of RISEBA University Creative Business Incubator
Skype consultation: 50 EUR/ hour
To arrange skype time please contact to naturalproducts@inbox.lv
Terms of condition: consultations are provided upon arranged skype time and pre-payment done by a client

Dr.sc.admin. Iveta Cirule has conducted the Doctoral thesis in 2017/2018 about the mediating role of University business incubators’ between the young entrepreneurs Open Innovation competencies, strategies and performance. Entrepreneurship nowadays is a process of open innovation and start-up companies are “powerful engine of open innovation processes” . Open innovation is the new model of doing innovation and it includes specific strategies (such as inside-out and outside-in activities). In order to use these strategies, nascent entrepreneur needs specific competencies, named open innovation competencies,  motivation and partners. 

Business incubation is having 3 building blocks - Infrastructure, Business Consultancy, Networking. Now-a-days  NETWORKING is the most important. Many incubators, policy makers and Universities are thinking of opening incubator but do not dare due to limited resources. Iveta has some important findings and know-how gained during last 6 years as Head of RISEBA Universiy Creative Business Incubator.